Monday, October 14, 2013

Congratulations to Eugene Fama (Nobel Prize)!

Congratulations to Professor Eugene Fama of the University of Chicago!  The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences just announced that Mr. Fama (along with Robert Schiller and Lars Peter Hansen) has won this year's Nobel prize in Economics, for their work on developing methods to study trends in stock, bond and housing markets.  For more information on the announcement, see here.

Of course, Professor Fama should be familiar to CIPM candidates and certificants for his work developing the Fama-French three factor model.  In honor of Mr. Fama's accomplishment, I will spend some time discussing the Fama-French model in a post later today.  But first, I wanted to separately acknowledge this accomplishment by an individual that has contributed to the world of performance measurement.  Congratulations!

P.S.:  Their paper can be found here.

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